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PIRGROUP can assist your international professional with all aspects of tax and fiscal matters. Our accountants are experts in dealing with expat taxes, they can assist, not only with annual tax returns and closing a tax file on departure but also with the 30% tax ruling, which is a Dutch fiscal incentive for highly skilled migrants.

Conditions of the tax ruling:
The 30% tax ruling is an incentive offered by the Dutch government to attract especially talented immigrants to work in the Netherlands. In effect, it means that 30% of the employee’s salary is tax free. There are conditions which need to be met, such as a minimum salary, (it must exceed a certain amount) a university degree from abroad, and living at least 150 kilometers from the Dutch border.

The Dutch tax authorities are the only government body that can issue this benefit. International professionals must be issued the ruling by their first employer, if not, a second or third employer cannot file for this benefit. The benefit has a maximum duration of eight years. PIRGROUP can apply for this benefit on behalf of you and your International Professional. In the case where there is no employer our subsidiary Expat-Links can act as a GEO company for you. For more information on tax or our GEO company please do contact us.

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