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For Non-European people to be allowed to work in the Netherlands, they need to be employed by a registered company in the Netherlands, which takes the responsibility of placing the person on the payroll, obtaining the immigration permits, and handling the tax issues.

The Netherlands has two different labor and immigration models:
  1. A classic work permit is called a “Tewerkstellingsvergunning” it is applied for via the UWV, the labor department. There are fifteen different categories for this classic permit. They range from in-company transfers, to trainees, or students. Each category has its own requirements and formalities. Please contact us directly to discuss the options available to you and your employees.
  2. A Knowledge migrant (KM) permit, called a “Kennismigrant” can be applied for via the IND, the immigration department. Only companies authorized by IND to hire knowledge migrants can use this innovative permit. The main requirements to be hired as a KM worker are based on qualifications and age. Salary is an important part of the determining process. Each year the salary payable under the visa is index linked to the national pay trend in the Netherlands for comparable positions

For those Non-European individuals, such as suppliers, clients or contractors who do not have a registered company in the Netherlands and who want to work under the knowledge migrant visa we can facilitate you through our subsidiary; a GEO company, Expat-Links
Expat-Links can file for the knowledge migrant (KM) permit on your behalf. Do contact us for more information, and the requirements of this model.

PIRGROUP’s Immigration Team will take care of all the formalities connected with applications for:
✓  Visa (short-term and long-term MVV and Business Visa).
✓  Work permits (knowledge migrant permits and labor permits).
✓  Resident permits.
✓  Local government registrations (city Hall)
✓  Health registrations (GGD)
✓  TAX registration (BSN number)
✓  Document translation and legalization
✓  Assistance in obtaining apostil’s
✓  Collection of Dutch documents for international assignments
✓  Unification (EU and Non EU) spouse applications
✓  Assistance in obtaining a certificate of "Good Conduct" (non-crimminal behavior)
✓  Drafting documents in support of the applications
✓  Giving a second opinion to review your support documents
✓  Renewals
✓  Departures de-registrations and cancelations

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