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Classic Relocation

Luxury or wise investment?

At times, Human Resource managers tell us "our people are very intelligent, they do not need help upon arrival…"
We like to show them this picture:

Headhunter, taxes, salary, cost of living index, education & training, removal, shipping, tax consultants, duties…. All costs you make as a Corporation not visible to the family when they relocate….90% investment can be lost when that final 10% is not attended to!
Classic Relocation Support upon arrival…less than 10% of the total costs, but ready to safeguard your ROI of the 90%

While we prepare the area orientation tour we will make sure a hotel is booked close to the desired area. We will organize all transport and an airport pick-up if required.
PIRGROUP will inform you or your client about safe residential areas, locations of good schools, distance to work and how to avoid the traffic jams. We will point out locations where expats socialize, sports clubs, places of worship, reliable medical centers and general day- to-day living information.

The Netherlands has an excellent infrastructure, highways and local roads both benefit from the compulsory road tax that every car owner has to pay. Because of the high population, road safety is important. Learning how to drive and passing the driving license exam and road test are not easy or inexpensive procedures.
European driving licenses' can be used while in the Netherlands. A simple procedure to register is often sufficient.

Finding a new home and settling into the new community is very critical to the success of an expatriate assignment. Moving into a suitable home will help the expatriate to return to pre-move productivity. The home finding program includes:
  • Analysis - we ask our clients to fill out a questionaire to determine their wishes, demands, requirements and budgets plus any other relevant information they deem necessary with regard to housing.
  • Market screening and pre-selection of properties matching the requirements of the client

PIRGROUP helps to find the right school or kindergarten for your children. The School and Kindergarten Search includes:
  • Explanation of the educational system
  • Arrangement of school appointments
  • Accompanied visits to schools/kindergartens
  • Assistance with registration procedures
Partners in Relocation work closely together with several international moving companies.

To import household goods into the Netherlands, duty-free, the following documents will be required:
  • Household goods importation form -aanvraag vrijstelling-, provided by the moving company you are using.
  • Copy of your passport.
  • Employer's declaration, stating place and duration of employment in the Netherlands.

PIRGROUP’s consultant will research and list local resources to meet the needs of the client and family. This assistance includes, but is not limited to:
  • Assistance with utility connections (gas, electricity, water, heating, garbage disposal, Internet, telephone, TV, etc.).
  • Advice on household and third party liability insurance.
  • Explanation of appliances (dishwasher, tumble dryer as not all controls and manuals are in English)
  • Assistance with opening a bank account.
  • Assistance with obtaining parking permits (if required for the housing).
  • Explanation of the local health care system.

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