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Relocating to a new country is much more than a case of simply changing your job. A successful relocation requires a wide range of activities which can stretch the resources of both the employer and the employee in time, cost and energy. PIRGROUP provides detailed information and practical advice to the client and family enabling them to adapt with confidence into their new home and country.
If you are relocating internationally PIRGROUP can assist you with choosing a good and reliable moving company. As we are an independent and private company we scan the entire market of international movers securing the best quotes for you. We can help with move coordination, selection of a provider, reporting and documentation.

To minimize the risk of failure of the assignment due to culture shock PIRGROUP offers two types of culture workshops:
  1. Introductions to living and working in a new culture: At first it is all new and exciting then slowly, small irritations begin rising to the surface, the small becomes large and then the shock hits, you want to go home. Don’t! Just call us for advice and to plan a workshop where we will train you to understand cultural diversity. This workshop focuses mainly on individuals and families in a local or neighborhood environment.

When a foreign national relocates to The Netherlands to work, either on a short or long term basis, they will automatically be included in the Dutch social security system. Upon registration at city hall and the tax department a BSN number (social security number) is issued. This number allows the holder to open a bank account and receive a salary. Alternatively, when a resident of The Netherlands moves to another country for either a short-term assignment or a longer period of time, the Dutch social security system continues to be in effect abroad - when filed correctly and on time.

Leaving a country can sometimes be even more complex than arriving. PIRGROUP assists with the administration involved in moving out and departing from the host country. The departure program includes:
  • Termination of the rental contract.
  • Pre-move out inspection.

PIRGROUP can assist your international professional with all aspects of tax and fiscal matters. Our accountants are experts in dealing with expat taxes, they can assist, not only with annual tax returns and closing a tax file on departure but also with the 30% tax ruling, which is a Dutch fiscal incentive for highly skilled migrants.

For Non-European people to be allowed to work in the Netherlands, they need to be employed by a registered company in the Netherlands, which takes the responsibility of placing the person on the payroll, obtaining the immigration permits, and handling the tax issues.

At PIRGROUP we provide our clients with on-going support during the entire assignment. Using a unique third party bank account we process all monthly expenses assigned to us. Via a secured platform continuous access is possible to overview the financial status and flow within the account. The Tenancy Management Program includes:
  • Tracking of critical dates such as lease renewal and lease re-negotiation dates.

In today’s fast moving world, global businesses require key employees with specific knowledge and talents to be on location quickly and easily. Appointments can range from a one hour business meeting to a five year international assignment. In some cases, with a family and a full move. We are experts in this field, we have an eye for every detail. We will manage this process for you painlessly and seamlessly.

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