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✓ At least one third of the Netherlands is below sea level.

✓ Only two of our provinces, North and South Holland, can be addressed as such, the rest of the country is really called The Netherlands.

✓ PIRGROUP Netherlands has relocated over 25.000 international professionals, 13.000 children and 655 pets over the last 15 years.

✓ The Netherlands is the world’s largest flower auctioneer.

✓ PIRGROUP is Quality Seal certified, via the European Relocation Association, EURA – a special accreditation similar to ISO-9001, but specialized for our industry.

✓ Wooden shoes are still worn in some regions, amongst farmers. As our country has many wet lands, the use of leather shoes was both expensive and impractical – hence the wooden shoe was created.

✓ In mid-June, our days are long and the sun is up for 16 hours and 45 min – not including twilight.

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