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The Netherlands is a small country, partly below sea level. Yet, it has over 17.000.000 inhabitants, and more than 200 different nationalities. A real melting pot! Since the sixteenth century international trade has played a central role in the Dutch economy. International people visiting, doing business or setting up shop has for centuries been a lifeline to the world for our country.

Today the Netherlands prides itself on having liberal corporate tax rules, semi liberal immigration laws and a multilingual workforce. As the Dutch economy continues to grow international professionals with a myriad of expertise are consistently needed.

The Netherlands welcomes new business and especially skilled professionals. However, the key to a successful relocation is compliance.

To do business in the Netherlands, and all the other European countries, one needs to be compliant with local labor laws, immigration, tax, and social security. Diplomas and certificates need to be internationally recognized. Partners in Relocation, works as your partner on the ground to set up shop, hire your international staff, second your employees abroad, handle social security issues and rent homes, We take care of tenancy management. In short we aim to relieve stress and reduce bureaucracy for both the international professional and the human resource department.
✓ At least one third of the Netherlands is below sea level.

✓ Only two of our provinces, North and South Holland, can be addressed as such, the rest of the country is really called The Netherlands.

✓ PIRGROUP Netherlands has relocated over 25.000 international professionals, 13.000 children and 655 pets over the last 15 years.

✓ The Netherlands is the world’s largest flower auctioneer.

✓ PIRGROUP is Quality Seal certified, via the European Relocation Association, EURA – a special accreditation similar to ISO-9001, but specialized for our industry.

✓ Wooden shoes are still worn in some regions, amongst farmers. As our country has many wet lands, the use of leather shoes was both expensive and impractical – hence the wooden shoe was created.

✓ In mid-June, our days are long and the sun is up for 16 hours and 45 min – not including twilight.

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